I'm Ismael,Data Explorer

I think about data and use code to reshape its complexity into practical knowledge and visual representations.

Check out my Data Visualization and Data Science personal proyects 👇.

I graduated from college as a Mechatronics Engineer in 2017. At that time I found out about Data Science, and I was attracted by its mix between science and communication.

I started working in Tech as a Developer where I got to work my coding skills while learning about the Data Science Methodology, aiming what I learned towards analytic solutions.

Then in 2020, looking for proper ways to visually communicate insights I discovered D3 and it opened the door to a world of visuals and design, and I was touched by that.

Together the process of exploring and transforming data and designing visual ways to convey its underlying relationships make up the place from where I want to communicate.

While working as a Developer I've gathered a range of tools to work with data and visualizations. These are some of my favorite ones.